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Are you Insured?  Yes, we carry General Liquor and Liability Insurance

Are your Bartenders Certified? Yes, we provide TIPS and MART certification

Do you provide alcohol ? No, VA state law prohibits the sale or distribution of alcohol without a liquor license. We can provide a detailed shopping list appropriate per your guest count and party needs.

Do you provide set up and clean up or just the servers to serve food ? We can provide set up and clean up for your event.

What happens if a guest is noticeably intoxicated and/or violent during the event? We take the safety of you and your guests very seriously. We will stop serving alcohol to the intoxicated/disruptive individual. If their behavior proceeds, we will have them removed from the event by the event host, venue security, or on site coordinator.

FYI. We check IDs. Any minor with a drink in their hand is illegal; it is bad for you and bad for us so we always have our eyes out for anyone who appears to be under the legal drinking age.

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